We are here to create medicines that will help professional sportsmen to get the best results and be on top of sport Olympus


Our products are of the highest quality. We use only pure raw powder while producing steroids on the newest equipment

100% efficacy

The efficacy of our products is globally recognized. Sports federations of many countries approve that our steroids bring the best results to their athletes


Our products are developed by the highly skilled professionals that never cease to improve preparations. New solutions in production technologies are the creation of new medicines — this is our priority

About Us

Excellent quality. Pure crystal purity. Made in Czech Republic.
Ultralabs is pharmaceutical company founded in 2018.

Our mission is to contribute to improving the quality of life and increasing the value of our customers worldwide.

Taking advantage of oyr intensive research, we are constantly pushing the boundaries to produce high-quality drugs at affordable prices.

We are committed to creating products that will help the best athletes in the worlds to achieve the best results in competitions.

Among our customers t there are not only amateur athletes, but also all professional associations of athletes form various countries of the worlds.



Unfortunately, today quality products are often forged. And event our regular customers can become victims of fraud. To avoid this, we paste holograms containing a unique code on each packing of our product.

Here you can check whether the product you purchased is manufactured by Ultralabs.

If you see the word «Original Product» — the code is entered for the first time, you ca be sure that you have purchased the original product.

If you see the word «Fake Product» — this code does not exist or it has already been entered earlier, most likely its is a fake.

Check Product Code
Please beware of fakes. Buy products only from reliable suppliers.


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